Join the Pepe meme Revolution

It’s memecoin szn and AIPepe is the next biggest memecoin. Delve into the imaginative realm of AIPepe.

$AIPEPE...for the meme

AIPepe is a community-driven, deflationary memecoin rewarding holders.

3% BUSD rewards

Holders automatically rewarded a 3% bonus in $BUSD.

Timed buyback & burn

Every 24 hours, buyback and burn of $AIPEPE will be conducted, reducing supply

Audit & KYC

AIPepe project has is audited and KYC'd by BlockSAFU.


Total supply: 100 Billion

7% buy and sell tax

3% $BUSD, 1% Burn, 3% Marketing


Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

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